Premiere set for opening night at Indie Grits! / by Chris Holmes

Well folks, at long last the film is receiving its final touches in post-production--many thanks in that regard to the likes of sound supervisor Jeff Seelye, editors Chris Iversen and Ian Johnson, colorist Ayumi Ashley, and sound editors Tommy Stang and Scott Ferrara.  With spring sprialing ever upward from the loam, this restless seedling of a film is finally ready to push through the topsoil and greet the living daylights out of the world.  In a little over a month it'll be doing just that, as the fine folks down at the Indie Grits Film Festival in Columbia, SC--hometown of our gallant UPM and producer Adam Tate no less--have invited Lost Colony to screen in competition as the opening night feature film on Wednesday, April 15th.  It's an exciting, up-and-coming festival in the Southeast run by some visionary individuals--Andy Smith and Seth Gadsden in particular--and one that I admire a lot, so it's a great privilege to be featured in their lineup once again (my whatsit of a short film Sapsucker played there back in 2009).

If you're interested in attending, tickets are on sale at this very moment here.  It's the first of what we hope are many, many more future opportunities to see the film on the big screen, but it'll be a special night to roll on the first public screening of the finished work after a decade and change in the making.  We'd love to see some friendly faces out there in the seats if you're interested in making the trip.  Anyway looking forward to sharing more great news and additional screening dates in the coming months, so keep checking back as the year unfurls itself for more updates. Look forward to seeing you all soon somewhere out there along the dusty trail.