Poetic, mysterious and visually elegant, Christopher Holmes' debut feature forges an impressionistic coming-of-age narrative as prismatic as the ever-changing strand of shoreline the story inhabits. With refreshing sincerity and an unassuming sense of humor, Lost Colony considers the lives of conflicted teen Loren (Joshua Brady), his hyper-protective mother Patricia (Stephanie Morgan), and others like them along the Outer Banks of North Carolina's coast--site of the first attempted English settlement in the New World. As Loren begins to sense the widening distance between himself and his expecting girlfriend Ramona (Sam Buchanan), a near tragic accident threatens to capsize their world and forces a reckoning with the delicate mythology he has crafted to make sense of it. A searchlight cast upon the earliest traces of America and the mystery of settlers vanished, Lost Colony scans a once virgin watershed for signs of life.

"'This book should be made into a movie' is often said, but “this movie ought to be written as a book” is a rarer statement. It applies to Lost Colony, an indie that roils with inner conflicts and percolates with a rich sense of place."  - Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

"Lost Colony may frustrate viewers looking for a more traditional three-act structure, but I would urge them to weather the course, as there are deep riches in these waters, sharks notwithstanding."
- Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

"It’s one of the few times where watching a movie made me feel like I was reading great literature. The language, the thematic depth that’s present in the mise-en-scene, the beauty of the shots. A stunning, stunning movie."  - Chris Lambert, Film Colossus