Lost Colony film review

“'This book should be made into a movie' is often said, but “this movie ought to be written as a book” is a rarer statement. It applies to Lost Colony, an indie that roils with inner conflicts and percolates with a rich sense of place."   READ FULL REVIEW

Lost Colony: Meditations on Coming of Age

"Lost Colony may frustrate viewers looking for a more traditional three-act structure, but I would urge them to weather the course, as there are deep riches in these waters, sharks notwithstanding." READ FULL REVIEW

Portland Film Festival coverage

"It’s one of the few times where watching a movie made me feel like I was reading great literature. The language, the thematic depth that’s present in the mise-en-scene, the beauty of the shots. A stunning, stunning movie." READ FULL ARTICLE

88.5 WFDD's Triad Arts Weekend

Hear Bethany Chafin of NPR affiliate WFDD discussing Lost Colony with writer/director Christopher Holmes.  LISTEN NOW

Lost Colony review

"Lost Colony displays an elite ability, on the level of Fight Club or a Kubrick film, to consistently find ways to fuse mise-en-scene with character, narrative, and theme to create moments of not just artistic beauty but artistic purpose." READ FULL REVIEW